How To Boil Crawfish?

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How To Boil Crawfish? Having a crawfish boil is the best way to celebrate summer in Louisiana. Whether you’re hosting a family reunion, birthday party, or even just gathering your friends for a fun night by the fire pit, crawfish boils are an easy and delicious way to bring people together.

Crawfish are freshwater crustaceans widely available in the southern United States and can be found in several different styles.

How To Boil Crawfish?

They taste best when boiled live, so it’s essential to know how to boil crawfish properly to avoid overcooking them. You can’t boil crawfish like you would boil shrimp or crayfish. Crawfish are a whole different animal and require a few extra steps. Crawfish have a lot of mud on them, so they must be washed thoroughly before cooking.

To do this, place them in a large pot of water and let them sit for half an hour. The mud will start to float to the top of the water, and you can skim it off with a spoon. Once the water is clean, pour out the dirty water and refill it with fresh, clean water.

Start Cooking By Following These Steps:

  • Prepare your pot by filling it halfway with water, enough to cover your crawfish. 
  • Stir in about one bag of Acadia Seafood Boil and mix well.
  • When the water begins to boil, light your burner.

How To Boil Crawfish?

  • As soon as the water begins to boil rapidly, add the crawfish and cover them. Let the water boil again. For a maximum of three minutes, let them boil.
  • The next few steps will involve removing them and seasoning them to continue cooking.
  • Put a light layer of Acadia Seafood Boil into your clean ice chest before you begin.
  • Your boiled crawfish should be topped with another layer of seasoning. For every 15 pounds of crawfish, use 1 pound of seasoning. 
  • Mix everything thoroughly in your ice chest by shaking it. Allow the flavors to mix/set for around 15 minutes by keeping the ice chest closed. 
  • You can begin your feast by plating your crustaceans and calling everyone over.

 Making It Your Own And Spicing It Up:

  • Into the seasoned, boiling water, place garlic, lemon, potatoes, corn, and onions – be careful not to overcook!

Making It Your Own And Spicing It Up

  • The dish can be made even spicier by adding extra seasoning and hot peppers for those who like it spicy. Would you like less salt? We can help.
  • With this low sodium seafood boil, you save salt without compromising flavor!

The Cajun crawfish boil is a great way to add some culture to your restaurant’s menu or even to host a party for your guests. You can make crawfish boils instead of BBQs next time you have a party!

In the summer, crawfish boils are among the most popular crawfish recipes. It is an iconic Louisiana Cajun delicacy like seafood boil and shrimp boil.

How Long To Boil Crawfish?

Live crawfish need to be boiled for 3-4 minutes in hot water with a lid on the pot. The shells will turn red when they’re done, which you can also see visually.

How Long To Boil Crawfish?

Before boiling frozen crawfish, allow them to thaw out at room temperature. Since the crawfish have already been cooked, they only require a minute of boiling.

How To Keep Crawfish Alive Overnight?

Often likened to lobsters, crawfish are edible, freshwater crustaceans. Crabs are known throughout the world for their sweet, delicious flesh but are perhaps most celebrated for being the official state crustacean of Louisiana. Live crawfish are a favorite bait due to their ease of acquisition, availability, portability, and mobility, effectively attracting fish.

Therefore, they are most effective as live bait when they are fresh. You can keep them alive with minimal effort if you know the suitable method and tools. Check out these instructions for keeping crawfish alive overnight!

How To Keep Crawfish Alive Overnight?

  • The storage of crawfish is effortless. The tank does not even have to be large or have filtration. You can use just about any sizeable rectangular container that comes with a lid or use a cooler. Just remember to drill holes in the lid for ventilation and to allow them to breathe.
  • For the lid, you can use a drill bit measuring 1.4 inches. You can also use an easy-to-handle bait bucket. Allow the air to pass through the exterior bucket by removing the interior bucket.
  • Moreover, it would be best to have at least three-quarters of a liter of water to fill your container. The crawfish will stay cool, but not submerged. Drainage can be achieved by either using a self-draining container or drilling a small hole near the bottom.  Therefore, you won’t need to worry and check the container too often. When the ice melts, excess water naturally drains out. 
  • Crawfish will eat almost anything, so they are not picky eaters.

How To Keep Crawfish Alive Overnight?

  • They don’t require special feed either. They are usually fed lettuce by experienced anglers, which is ideal because lettuce does not pollute the water as hotdogs or other raw meat trimmings. You both don’t need much either.
  • Leave a few large leaves in the container. Replace this supply every week if you’re storing the container for a long time. On the following day, you can clean the container and replenish the water. When you store crawfish in a container lined with newspapers or grass or wrapped in wet newspaper, they tend to stay alive longer.
  • Alternatively, you can alternate layers of crawfish with damp newspaper. Keeping crawfish in a cooler with ice should help them last throughout the day or night.

How To Keep Crawfish Alive Overnight?

  • Last but not least, keep the crawfish moist and cool. Make sure they do not get too much sunlight or wind. Ensure that your container is kept in a cool, dark place, like the basement or garage.
  • Ensure that the gel packs or ice are replaced regularly and sprinkle or spray some water every few hours.

 Conclusion On “How To Boil Crawfish?”

That’s all! Simple, isn’t it? It is possible to save money, time, and effort in the long run by following these tips and tricks on how to boil crawfish and how to keep crawfish alive overnight. In addition, this is very convenient for people who love to catch fish with crawfish but struggle to find a bait shop near them.

If you happen to buy crawfish early before your fishing trip and cannot afford to visit a bait shop, this simple solution will prevent food or bait from being wasted. Crawfish caught by yourself can also be preserved this way for both baiting and consumption while also ensuring that they are fresh, alive, and of the highest quality.

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